The NanoSpun Story

This is the century in which the true power of biology will be harnessed to solve problems and improve human life. While science has always been at the core of technology, with a focus on biology the possibilities to mankind and human life are in fact endless.

Following the ascendancy of chemistry in the 19th century and of physics in the 20th century, the 21st century has been deemed “the century of biology”. This is rooted not only in the fact that biology in its essence is the core of our existence, but also in the understanding that biology is a singular scientific discipline that holds the ability to solve problems without generating residual effects, that will themselves require solutions. However, the true potential of biology has yet to be realized.

Making true progress in biology-based areas requires technological ingenuity of a new aptitude; it requires the creative application of all we have learned about scientific processes. This is the key to NanoSpun’s breakthrough technology: We are supporting progress in the biological era by introducing a creative approach to controlling the biological process through its infrastructure. We call it “Biology as Cassette” and industries that are reliant on the accomplishment of biological substances and processes such as bioremediation, bioaugmentation, fermentation and enzymatic reaction, benefit from our solutions as our technology enables true progress in a sustainable manner. Industries that were previously unable to depend on biology due to its live and inconsistent nature are finally able to harness the power of biology to their advancement.

Our solutions have been awarded numerous recognitions, and we are currently dedicated to progress in 3 main areas of activity:

Supporting progress in advanced industrial wastewater treatment and polishing
Facilitating innovation in developing sustainable renewable chemical processes
Enabling a forward-thinking approach to nutrition, medical and health treatments

These are advancements we are proud to be a part of.

NanoSpun Technologies is a privately held company, supported by leading VC and corporate venture funds and endorsed by globally prominent industry figures. Our core technology was conceived at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and has since been continually developed by our Research & Development team. We have an R&D center in Israel and our Sales and Business Development activities are headquartered in the Bay Area, CA, USA.

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