While our industry-dedicated solutions are founded on our novel and well-established  technology and practices, they are open to a range of diversified architectures, materials and components. Our core products are focused on addressing numerous global fundamental challenges, and we work in collaboration with our customers and partners to deliver the most effective means to overcome specific challenges and evolving regulatory demands.

NanoSpun technology is groundbreaking in its ability to unleash true progress in any industry that is reliant on the facility to control biological processes. We are currently focused on 3 main areas of activity:

Supporting developments in advanced Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Polishing

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Facilitating innovation by supporting a new generation of sustainable renewable chemical processes

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Enabling a forward-thinking approach to Nutrition, Medical and Health treatments

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With an extremely high surface area due to the minute dimensions of our Active Fibers, an exceedingly high concentration of the integrated and designated biological elements (such as bacteria, yeast and enzymes), the diversity and flexibility of the structure, its materials and the achieved superior levels of performance – NanoSpun solutions are essentially disruptive on all levels.