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NanoSpun’s structures support the transformation of bio-processes with cutting-edge controlled release and delivery tools

While the increasingly in-depth scientific understanding of biology has already begun to change the faces of medicine and health, the ability to fully control biological processes and their outcomes will unleash endless possibilities. Our technology delivers on this promise.

NanoSpun’s hybrid solutions merge nano-micro technology with biology and advanced engineering to introduce a newfound level of control to the biology-based process. Our technology effectively overcomes the challenges of traditional biological treatment methods and enables biology to perform optimally under the required conditions.

The NanoSpun 3D structures and our Active Fibers effectively  encapsulate or immobilize predetermined microorganisms and/or cells, to enhance and empower the biology-based process and products. Its materials, composition and architecture can be tailored to augment an array of bio-processes.  The integrated elements may include yeast, microbes, enzymes, growth factors or even mammalian and human cells, encapsulated and/or immobilized in an effective, well -organized, controlled structure.

Among others, our hybrid solutions offers:

Technological capabilities that hold immense potential to transform approaches in medicine, health, nutrition, cosmetic and dermal applications
Flexibility in composition, design and implementation
Game-changing performance and properties
New approach to treat illnesses and health conditions
Ability to tailor and adjust according to the needs of  industry partners and customers

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We continue to explore the viability of our solutions with leaders in this space and the emerging results are remarkable. If you would like to work with us to examine how our technology can be applied to transforming your efforts, we would like to hear from you.

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