Renewable Chemicals

NanoSpun’s system facilitates a high level of biological performance, high yield, consistency in operation, cost control and footprint reduction

The ability to ‘push the fermentation envelope’ is pivotal to a vast and growing range of industrial processes. NanoSpun solutions expand the applicability of designated elements such as microorganisms, yeast and enzymes to meet their potential industrial processes.

Renewable chemicals are the building blocks for bio-based products and fermentation has long been recognized by the industry as a viable, compelling and sustainable method to enable the manufacturing of a large variety of materials and products. NanoSpun’s hybrid solutions merge nano-micro technology with biology and advanced engineering to introduce a newfound level of control to the biology-based process.

With NanoSpun solutions, companies reliant on the consistent accomplishment of fermentation and enzymatic reactions are now able to make true progress, increase their yield and efficiency and advance into new areas of activity while consistently complying with regulatory requirements, reducing costs and achieving production stability and reproducibility.

With our solution at the foundations of your system, the fermentation process becomes effective, scalable, controlled and reproducible, thereby increasing yield, reducing costs and expanding opportunities.

The Nanospun Biology as Cassette solution offers and supports:

Optimal, consistent and uninterrupted processes
Reusability – lowering cost and improving profitability
Applicable to numerous areas of fermentation: gas, submerged, solid state/ static/ high density and more
High cell density and large surface area – increasing production, and reducing surface area
An advanced engineered solution – increasing efficiency, reducing footprint and costs
Promotes global sustainability through various biofuel/ biochemical industries

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As we expand our partnerships in this area, it is apparent that many advances in these fields represent an invaluable contribution to global sustainability and human well-being. Harnessing biology to support progress in the manufacturing of renewable chemicals and alternative energy products is an effort we are proud to be a part of.

If you would like to discuss how our solution can take your processes or facility forward, we would like to hear from you.

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