Water and Wastewater

NanoSpun’s ‘Biology as Cassette’ system introduces unprecedented yield, control and sustainability Unleash the next-gen of advanced biological treatment

The key to long-term success in advanced biological treatment of water and wastewater lies in the ability to fully control biological processes and their outcome.

NanoSpun’s hybrid solutions merge nano-micro technology with biology and advanced engineering to introduce a newfound level of control to the biology-based process. Our products effectively overcome some of the most significant challenges of traditional biological treatment (bioremediation and bioaugmentation) methods and enable biology to perform optimally even under significantly inhibiting, toxic and challenging conditions.  NanoSpun Active Fibers that effectively encapsulate or immobilize predetermined microorganisms and our disruptive three-dimensional cartridge structure called ‘Biology as Cassette’, both empower the biological reaction and transform the treatment system so it is fully controlled, operationally uninterrupted, easily revived and simply maintained.

The NanoSpun ‘Biology as Cassette’ line of products represent and offer, among others, the following:

Compelling cost effective solution
Industry’s first hybrid biological membrane-like solution and the most advanced biologically based products
Shatters current operational limitations of biologically-based treatment processes and opens the door for bio-based treatment
Performs even under extreme toxic, inhibiting and challenging industrial wastewater environments
Unprecedented long term efficiency and control over bioremediation and bioaugmentation processes
Proven to remove extreme (significantly higher or lower) levels of specific contaminants from treatment systems levels such as Ammonia, herbicides, pesticides and halogenated organic compounds
NanoSpun ‘Biology as Cassette’ treatment systems facilitate ongoing, real-time maintenance procedures to ensure long-term and uninterrupted efficiency
Can be tailored and scaled to meet evolving operational and regulatory needs
Sustainable solution with long-term ecological advantages

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As we continue to rapidly grow and progress in this area, it is increasingly clear that the implications of such capabilities extend far beyond their palpable operational advantages. Harnessing biology to treat water and wastewater – and doing so without residual harmful ecological consequences – and in a cost-effective manner – represents a giant leap forward for this global effort.

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