NanoSpun has established an exceptional leadership team dedicated to the NanoSpun vision and committed to achieving our corporate objectives.


Ohad Bendror

Founder, CEO and BOD Member

Ohad is leading NanoSpun’s vision, operations, and growth since he founded the company in 2011. Ohad has more than two decades of experience in leading emerging and growing technology startups.


Alon Armelin


Alon joined NanoSpun in 2012. Alon has an extensive and thorough knowledge of NanoSpun technology as well as deep understanding combined with vast development experience of the company unique production processes.

lothar heaadshot

Lothar Boensch

Head of Marketing and Growth

Lothar is leading NanoSpun's marketing and sales activities. He brings 25 years of experience working for marketing agencies and technology integrators in USA, Europe, and Canada.


Mouran Hashem

R&D Principal

Mouran joined the company in 2020. Mouran is a member of the company's R&D Team and Production Technology Group.


Guy Miezner

R&D Principal

Guy joined NanoSpun in 2022. Guy is a member of the company's R&D Team and Skincare and Skin Health Group.


Shirly Niv Schwaitzer

Operations & Administration Lead

Shirly joined NanoSpun in 2022. In her role, Shirly leads site operations, administration, and employee experience and wellness.



David Parnes

Consultant, Business Development

David has diverse global business development, financial and legal experience and impressive multi-national experience.


Ohad Karnieli

Ph.D., Advisor bio-cell treatment and therapy and advisory board member

Ohad is a former VP of Technology at Pluristem, and currently the founder and CEO of Adva Biotech.



Ohad Bendror

Founder, CEO and Board Member.

Tameyasu Anayama (Tam)

Board Member

Tam is owner Aamilia LLC and a leading investor partner. Tam is a former VP Business Development at DCG Systems and has extensive commercial, business development and investment experience.


Amiram Marcus

Board Member

Amiram is a principal at ALMAR Assets & Holdings and serial entrepreneur and investor.


Yechiel Menuchin

Board Member

Yechiel is the founder & CEO of Environmental Protection Technologies.