The amalgamation of nanotechnology with biology and a range of engineering disciplines has enabled us to develop a hybrid approach to scientific industrial processes that is breaking ground in various imperative areas of activity.

We have focused on these areas because of their inherent dependence on biological performance and have dedicated our technology to enabling their progress. Our industry-driven platform is implemented in collaboration with our customers and end users to realize their goals, meet their specific needs and satisfy evolving regulatory requirements and restrictions.

The epitome of our technology is our ‘Biology as Cassette’ concept.  ‘Biology as Cassette’ products are in essence membrane-like physiological structures that are composed of a number of basic ‘building blocks’, that are founded on NanoSpun IP – patented technologies, knowhow and novel methodologies. The building blocks are comprised to generate a hybrid solution that delivers technical and operational advantages that traditional biological-based processes were simply incapable of achieving. Traditionally complex and biological processes utilized by various major industries can now take place and be operational, highly effective, fully controlled, simplified and sustainable with our ‘Biology as Cassette’ at the helm.

The newfound level of performance, yield and control introduced by NanoSpun’s fibrous structures and ‘Biology as Cassette’ products, enables unprecedented performance that overcomes challenging, toxic or inhibiting factors and delivers advantages across the entire supply chain; from producers of certain materials and biological elements, to equipment manufacturers, vendors, solution integrators and users – NanoSpun’s hybrid approach is unleashing endless possibilities.

The building blocks of NanoSpun’s ‘Biology as Cassette’ are as follows:

    The Active Fiber

    The most basic foundations of our hybrid solution are the micro-nano scale active fibers that are produced in a preparatory single-step process. The manufacturing process generates porous fibers that are instilled as part of the production phase with live biological elements,  on a preconfigured mission. The minute dimensions and the resulting high surface area of our Active Fibers, coupled with a high concentration of encapsulated or immobilized microorganisms, facilitate unprecedented levels of biological performance – even and especially under challenging, inhibiting and toxic conditions. The architecture of the fibers, their diameter, porosity and morphology are well-controlled and can be tailored according to any potential application and users needs.

    The Fibrous Fabric

    Our active fibers are incorporated into a 3-dimensional fabric or scaffold that facilitates optimal biological performance for the predestinated biological processes. The density, alignment and spacing within the fabric are determined in line with the biological process at hand and can be  tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

    Enabled and empowered by the physical structure of  the fibers, the fabric and then the ‘Biology as Cassette’, biological processes such as bioremediation, bioaugmentation, fermentation and enzymatic reaction become effective, fully controllable, consistent and even optimal.

    It is this newfound level of control that is introducing biology as a viable solution for numerous and crucial industries across the globe.

    ‘Biology as Cassette’

    Once the fabrics are layered within the cartridge encasement, they function as a membrane-like unit that enables maintenance and service as well as unmatched ease of use and cost reduction. The fact that the fabrics are arranged in the ‘Biology as Cassette’ units enables uninterrupted operation of the NanoSpun solution in large-scale operation without harming the process, its outcome, or the microorganisms. These are huge advantages for our users.

    Also, when applicable, the burdensome separation processes that the residual effects of traditional biological processes would necessitate are avoided, introducing additional and unprecedented operational advantages.

    We named the core product of our solution ‘Biology as Cassette’ to articulate the simplicity of what our solution has achieved: the ability to integrate biology within a fibrous membrane-like structure that is engineered to provide physical enablement and empowerment to the ‘live’ process. The ability to essentially harness the power of biology to achieve new efficiencies in industries such as advanced Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Renewable Chemicals Production to meet their current and emerging challenges.

    The Biology as Cassette functions as a membrane-like unit that carries out superior biological processes. The architecture of the fabrics, the engineering of the Biology as Cassette solution and the design of the overall system, empower biological processes with an unprecedented surface area, the highest effective concentration and protection capabilities. Also, the advantages of utilizing biological cartridge systems enable the application of traditional maintenance solutions that are aimed at prolonging a system’s lifespan and reducing operational cost.

    The fact that NanoSpun’s Biology as Cassette encapsulates or immobilizes its biological components so effectively, grants users  the ability to maintain, reuse and revive the system without interrupting operations, thereby introducing advantages  that traditional solutions are incapable of achieving. With Biology as Cassette, companies reliant on the performance of bioremediation, bioaugmentation, fermentation and enzymatic reaction processes are benefitting from a next-generation solution that is simply deployed, simply revived, simply reinstalled and simply maintained, even under the most challenging conditions.

    In other crucial, breakthrough areas, such as the Health and Medical industries, the ability to control biological processes so effectively is essentially paving a path to the new age of treatment.