NanoSpun Skincare

Probiotic skincare solutions and the skin microbiome are at the center of modern skincare research. For years, companies have attempted to address and solve the skin microbiome challenge, yet breakthrough products have yet to emerge. Now there is a solution.

NanoSpun Skincare and our live and active probiotic tissues are leading the way to a new generation of cell-based skincare products and solutions. We use live and active cells to create natural, fresh, and preservative-free skincare products that improve and modulate skin health for better beauty and skincare results.

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NanoSpun Skincare Overview (.pdf)

The Skincare Challenge

The human skin is a vital yet sensitive barrier between the human body and the external environment. The skin’s biologically active ecosystem – the good bacteria on our skin – is known as the skin microbiome. It is an essential line of defense which protects our skin and releases vital elements such as vitamins, acids, and proteins.

A healthy microbiome is known to be very beneficial to the human skin as it increases hydration, improves elasticity, decreases skin damage, and provides anti-aging benefits.

However, it is very challenging to maintain healthy microbiome as the skin microbiome is exposed and damaged daily by harmful substances including soap, cosmetic products, and pollution.

NanoSpun Skincare Solutions

NanoSpun Skincare probiotic facemasks and additional cell-based tissues capture the power of biology. Based on our proprietary and advanced industrial bio-printing technology, we are successfully delivering on the promise of active, natural, fresh, and preservative-free skincare products and solutions.

Enhanced with supporting nutrients and superfoods, NanoSpun’s “Probiotic Second Skin” improves and modulates skin’s health for better beauty and skincare results, whether applied alone or when combined with other regimens.

Nanospun Skincare line of products opens the door for next generation tailored and personalized skincare solutions which are designed and engineered specifically to address disparate skin types and conditions, different climates and seasons, and various age groups.

Our facemasks and skincare products are fully aligned with today’s consumers’ needs and wants and will be available in selected retailers and locations in 2023 with a broader next-gen, tailored and even personalized line planned in 2024.