Industrial production processes based on live organisms and cells (bioprocessing) is a vital, fundamental, and constantly growing element in many key industries.

Moreover, our modern biotech era is leading to a surge in the use of more sophisticated and advanced bioprocesses and a dramatic increase in the need for novel, more advanced and even revolutionary products, solutions, and technologies.

NanoSpun Bioprocessing is meeting these challenges. We are revolutionizing bioprocessing by delivering groundbreaking solutions to the rapidly growing bioproduction, fermentation, and perfusion markets.

Our next-generation “biology as a cassette” line of products represents a complete transformation in cell-based processes. Based on NanoSpun’s live and active fabric and 3D structure technology, we offer a novel, highly effective, efficient, and easy to use solution across any industry employing cell-based production processes.

Modern Bioprocessing Challenges

The shift towards advanced, tailored, and personalized cell-based products, processes, and solutions creates a new level of demand and imposes significant challenges for production, fermentation, and perfusion processes.

Current practices and techniques are often inadequate and, in many cases, offer very limited control over sensitive and delicate cells and organisms. In other circumstances, modern bioprocesses are difficult to scaleup and economically unviable.

Moreover, the growing use of advanced cells and single-use technologies requires novel production technologies and new approaches to manufacturing.

There is a dire need for improved engineering, better control over biology, effective separation, and protection of the active cells and organisms in the production process.

NanoSpun Bioprocessing Solutions

NanoSpun Bioprocessing “biology as a cassette” technology is based on our proprietary biofabrics and unique production cartridges which offer a vastly superior level of engineering and control over the bioproduction process.

Our “biology as a cassette” technology represents an innovative and disruptive approach to bioproduction, fermentation and perfusion processes.

NanoSpun products offer a multi-layered hybrid advantage, both on the cell level as well as on the system level.

The advantages of NanoSpun’s Bioprocessing “biology as a cassette” technology include: