We live in an unparalleled time of biotech innovation, an era characterized by extensive and rapidly growing use of live and active cells and organisms within industries such as beauty, food, environment, energy, pharma, health and wellness, and medicine.

NanoSpun is a pioneer and global frontrunner in the biotech, advanced materials and bioprinting spaces. Our proprietary and disruptive technology is leading the way to a whole new generation of cell-based products and solutions that are transforming entire industries through the intelligent application of NanoSpun biological fabrics.

Protecting and enhancing the skin’s microbiome is at the center of modern skincare. For years, companies have tried to develop products that address the microbiome challenge, with mixed and often poor results. Now there is a solution.

NanoSpun Skincare and our live active probiotic tissues are leading the way to a new generation of cell-based skincare products and solutions. We use live and active cells to create natural, fresh, and preservative-free skincare products that improve and modulate your skin’s health for better beauty and skincare results.

Industrial production processes based on live organisms and cells (bioprocessing) is a vital, fundamental, and constantly growing element in many industries. NanoSpun is revolutionizing bioprocessing by delivering groundbreaking solutions to the rapidly growing bioproduction, fermentation, and perfusion markets.

Our next-generation “biology as a cassette” solution represents a complete transformation in cell-based processes and dramatically improves bioproduction practices.

Based on NanoSpun’s live and active fabrics and 3D structure technology, we offer a novel, highly effective, efficient, and easy to use solution across any industry utilizing organisms and cell within their production processes.


NanoSpun platform technology and manufacturing capabilities are propelling bio-printing and advanced material production to the next level.

Our revolutionary and proprietary technology is based on our advanced next generation spinning processes which uniquely enable an instantaneous one-step integration and encapsulation of live and active biological cells and organisms. This includes bacteria, yeast, algae, plant cells, and mammalian cells, all encapsulated within our hollow and porous fibers which are gathered during the production process into 2D and 3D fabrics and tissue-like structures.

Latest News

NanoSpun Recognized as Top Innovator at Cosmoprof 2022 in Las Vegas

NanoSpun was recognized by #BeautyStreams as a top innovation at #Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. We are the only company on the planet that creates live and active fabric-like tissues made from virtually any type of cell, retaining full cell viability with extended shelf life. In skincare, the current industry standard for probiotic products

Come meet NanoSpun at Cosmetic 360 in Paris, France on October 12 & 13, 2022

Come see us at booth D65 to learn about NanoSpun’s exciting products and the benefits of partnering with us to bring next generation, live, and active probiotic products to market. A genuine forum for exchange and discovery of innovation, COSMETIC 360 offers an opportunity to find out about the latest innovations and the beauty