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Supporting progress in advanced Industrial Wastewater treatment & polishing

The key to long-term success in treating water and wastewater lies in the facility’s ability to fully control biological processes and their outcome.

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Facilitating global progress with Renewable Chemicals

The ability to ‘push the fermentation envelope’ is expanding the applicability of microbes and enzymes into a unlimited range of industrial processes.

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Aiding advances in nutrition, health & medical treatments

While advances in the scientific understanding of biology have already begun to change the faces of medicine and health, the ability to fully control bio-processes and their outcomes will unleash endless possibilities.

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Biology as Cassette

We named the core product of our solution ‘Biology as Cassette’ to articulate the simplicity of what our solution has achieved: the ability to integrate biology within a 3 dimensional structure that is engineered to provide physical enablement and empowerment of a ‘live’ process.

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The NanoSpun Story

This is the century in which the true power of biology will be harnessed to solve problems and improve human life. While science has always been at the core of technology, with a focus on biology the possibilities are in fact endless.

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News & Events

Cleantech Forum San Francisco, January 23-25, 2017

At the annual event, our CEO Ohad Bendror (Bendas) will be featured in the event’s Innovation Track speaking about “Disruptive Materials: Enablers of New and Better Technologies”. Ohad will be covering the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses developing disruptive materials may be facing, sharing the NanoSpun story and providing his own insight derived from his entrepreneurial and management experience in this field.

2016 Among “Most Innovative” Tech Companies at iNNOVEX

NanoSpun was Elected as one of the most innovative technology companies in Israel at the annual conference dedicated to technological innovation. iNNOVEX is brings together the largest high tech companies, the leading academic institutions and the relevant government organizations to work together on the next generation of innovation.

2016 Presenter at New York Venture Summit

NanoSpun presented the company, its vision and growth strategy at the 16th annual New York Venture Summit. The Summit is the premier industry gathering connecting venture capitalists, corporate VCs, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, senior executives of early stage and emerging growth companies, university researchers, incubators and premier service providers.

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