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Supporting progress in advanced Industrial Wastewater treatment & polishing

The key to long-term success in treating water and wastewater lies in the facility’s ability to fully control biological processes and their outcome.

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Facilitating global progress with Renewable Chemicals

The ability to ‘push the fermentation envelope’ is expanding the applicability of microbes and enzymes into a unlimited range of industrial processes.

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Aiding advances in nutrition, health & medical treatments

While advances in the scientific understanding of biology have already begun to change the faces of medicine and health, the ability to fully control bio-processes and their outcomes will unleash endless possibilities.

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Biology as Cassette

We named the core product of our solution ‘Biology as Cassette’ to articulate the simplicity of what our solution has achieved: the ability to integrate biology within a 3 dimensional structure that is engineered to provide physical enablement and empowerment of a ‘live’ process.

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The NanoSpun Story

This is the century in which the true power of biology will be harnessed to solve problems and improve human life. While science has always been at the core of technology, with a focus on biology the possibilities are in fact endless.

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News & Events

Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2018

NanoSpun was elected to participate at the Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2018 which will take place on Jan 22-24, 2018.  If you plan on attending the event, wish to meet with us, learn more about NanoSpun and discuss potential cooperation or investment opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us at

NanoSpun CEO visit to Weftec 2017, Chicago, IL, USA.

On October, Ohad Bendror (Bendas), NanoSpun CEO, visited Weftec 2017.  Ohad conducted numerous meetings with key market leaders.  NanoSpun products and technology received excellent feedback and was regarded by many potential-partners and end-users as representing an exciting game-changing development in W&WW treatment.

NanoSpun elected to present in RAFT, Fort Myers, FL, USA – October 2017

NanoSpun was chosen to take place and present in the prestigious RAFT (Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology) conference, that took place in late October 2017 in Florida. Ohad Ben-Dror (CEO) along with Dr. Dalit Weinstein-Fischer our Director of Biology who presented NanoSpun’s products and solutions in the session regarding “Innovative Fermentation Processes Designed to Deliver Tomorrow’s Products”. The presentation triggered a keen and vigorous discussion with potential collaborators from global leading companies. All looking for innovative solutions to current industry problems in various fields such as fermentation, pharma, synthetic biology and advanced biological processes. The over whelming interest re-emphasized the wide range of applications and great potential for improving next-gen advanced production processes using NanoSpun’s technology and products.

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